proLOGiT develops for your enterprise:

Database-based desktop clients and internet applications

We develop client server enterprise systems to support your business processes in an optimal way, as well as utilities, single software modules and Add-ons.

A few of our products

  • LocoPlan, a resource planning system for railway companies
  • BPR Business Process Reporter,  a reporting software for BPM systems

Therefore, modern technologies are used: .NET or Java EE along with Hibernate and database management systems like MS SQL- Server or Oracle. We assist you in analysing your business data as well, using OLAP functionalities or the flexible and easy to use BI soltution Qlikview.

Our main focus is on

  • Intuitive, visual user interfaces
  • Integration or migration of existing systems
  • Workflow based design: each process state results in an amount of tasks that have to be done.

To be more precise, in case of railway industries:

A. Operational Railway Systems

  • Schedule systems
  • Integration of streaming data from infrastructure providers (i.e. actual departure/arrival times)
  • Engine allocation & monitoring & maintenance
  • Staff allocation & monitoring
  • Real time train control

B. Transport Order Management

  • Transport Order Administration System
  • Importing /exporting data from/to partners, customers, customs and ports (interfaces, i.e. UNIKAT, UIC / DB Netz, TAF TSI, )
  • Processing of trains: dispatching, discharging, generating documents (list of wagons, dangerous goods, braking sheets.)
  • Slot management.

C. Internet / Communication

  • GEO Information Systems (i.e. real time location of trains on maps)
  • Tracking & tracing of containers
  • Providing truckers with transport information for trips from or to a terminal, receiving status and delivery times.
  • Slot overviews.
  • Real time reporting (PDF / Excel / …) via internet or local intranet by means of reporting services